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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we bring our pets?

Yes. As we are a pet friendly community, you have the freedom to bring your pets, depending on the location of your residence and size of your pet.

Are meals included in the monthly service fee?

WindsorMeade of Williamsburg offers residents a per person, per month, meal allowance to spend as residents like.

Is the Dining Room service cafeteria style?

In the main dining room, Residents and their guests have formal, seated service with several menu selections. There is informal dining, carry out services and a Café Bistro available to all residents, family members and guests.

Will residents of WindsorMeade of Williamsburg pay real estate taxes or need homeowner’s insurance?

We suggest you carry content or renter's insurance to cover your furnishings or personal belongings. WindsorMeade of Williamsburg is responsible for real estate taxes.

What if I want to change from one Apartment or villa to another one?

Residents will be able to transfer to different locations and to larger or smaller residences as they become available.

If a spouse transfers to Health Care Services (24-hour Nursing Care) or passes away, does the remaining spouse need to transfer to a smaller living unit?

No. At WindsorMeade of Williamsburg your Apartment or Villa is your home, and we will not require you to move simply because the size of your household has changed.

Will “help” be available if needed?

Residents will find a caring, considerate staff available to provide support and help whenever it's needed, for virtually any reason.

What about security?

Security personnel are on duty 24 hours a day. Every residence and most common areas have an Emergency Call System.

Are there overnight accommodations for my family, guests or friends?

Yes, suites are available in Windsor Hall at a reasonable cost.

How many Villas and Apartments does WindsorMeade of Williamsburg have?

There are 85 apartments in Windsor Hall (the main building), which is attached to a Town Center and the Living Links To Wellness Center. There are 96 Villas located in the villa neighborhood.