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WindsorMeade is a place devoted to continued wellness, mental stimulation and an abundance of events and activities designed to enhance resident life.The bustling culture of the local Williamsburg community provides an abundance of off-campus activities to keep your mind and body enthused. Take a tour of colonial towns, experience the exquisite tastes and aromas of the Williamsburg Winery or visit the many museums and performance halls.Take advantage of the Lifelong Learning programs right here at WindsorMeade with William and Mary's Christopher Wren Association. At WindsorMeade, you’ll never run out of things to do.

It’s Your Life.  Live it Smart.

Experience WindsorMeade up-close and personal by visiting WindsorMeade TV, an exciting new way to learn about our fulfilling, vibrant lifestyle. Choose any of our channels to immerse yourself in unique aspects of this community - its residences, its culture, and its people. This is your opportunity to learn firsthand why WindsorMeade of Williamsburg is the place where each resident defines retirement and getting older according to their own aspirations.