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Helping an aging parent or loved one make good decisions about their future can be a daunting task – one for which you may not feel qualified. This Decision Guide is intended to help you analyze the major factors that impact a decision – financial security, ongoing healthcare, and overall safety and well-being. The objective is to arrive at a decision that allows your parent or loved one to feel at home – and for you to have peace of mind.

They Say They’re Not “Ready”, But I see Signs That They Are?
Often, you’re in the best position to know when your parents are ready to make the move to a senior living community. You see the signs. Maybe Mom is feeling lonely, or Dad has become more forgetful. Meals are more of a problem. Home maintenance is becoming too much of a burden. Worry about safety increases. There are many signs, and they usually become more pronounced over time. Eventually, single, isolated problems are multiplied, making living conditions more complex and worrisome.
What’s the best solution?
Often, it’s a direct, heart-to-heart talk with a parent to point out your concerns and discuss possible solutions openly. As with everything else you do, this is a conversation grounded in love and sensitivity and a genuine concern for your parent’s well-being. Ignoring the problems doesn’t help. In fact, over time it only makes things worse. You should know that this is a common scenario, one that every child with an aging parent faces at one time or another. You’re not alone, and the caring team members at WindsorMeade will be happy to help you work through the considerations that inevitably come with the signs of aging.
How Can I Be Sure WindsorMeade is Right For My Parents?
WindsorMeade of Williamsburg is not your typical retirement community. When it comes to our residents, our philosophy is “It’s your life. Live it the way you choose.” Before we even broke ground, we asked groups of future residents what kind of place they wanted WindsorMeade Williamsburg to be. They talked, and we listened. We wanted to make sure their future home would be a place devoted to continued wellness, mental stimulation and a variety of events and activities designed to enhance their lives. We urge you to visit and take a close look at our beautiful Villas and Apartment Residences. Walk around our pedestrian-friendly community. Look at our residents playing bridge, reading in the Library, dining on the outdoor terrace or in the Bistro Café. You’ll see many active residents on the bocce ball court, playing a rousing game of tennis, or swimming laps in the heated indoor pool. It’s as much or as little activity as residents desire. Additionally, the bustling culture of the local Williamsburg community provides an abundance of off-campus activities to keep mind and body enthused. They can take a tour of Colonial Williamsburg, experience the exquisite tastes and aromas of the Williamsburg Winery or visit the many museums and performance halls. Our residents can also take advantage of the Christopher Wren Lifelong Learning programs right here at WindsorMeade, in association with the College of William and Mary. Best of all, talk to our residents. Ask them how they like life at WindsorMeade. We know you’ll like what you hear.
What Can I Expect in the Way of Healthcare?
As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, WindsorMeade offers independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care if needed. This means that, as healthcare needs change, we’re there to provide expertise and comfort every step of the way. WindsorMeade Williamsburg offers the highest quality health services for all our residents. Most important, all of our health care services are provided on one campus, so your parent can stay within the same supportive and friendly community when their health or that of a spouse changes. Our team members work with residents, their families and physicians to determine the appropriate level of care needed as certain conditions progress. Your parent’s healthcare will be regularly evaluated to ensure their needs are being met and choices are addressed at every level – from meal times and venues to social activities and exercise. We also offer a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services, including personalized physical, occupational and speech therapy after a hospitalization, surgical procedure, injury or illness. Our Nursing Center provides personalized attention to residents in a warm, caring environment. We strive to deliver the finest services which allow our residents to recuperate in a tranquil and dignified setting. We also have access to an interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists and physicians who work with our residents, as needed, to design a comprehensive, customized plan of care.
Should I be Concerned About My Parent’s Security and Well-Being?
No, you should not be concerned. At WindsorMeade, we have taken steps to ensure the safety and security of every resident. Each resident has access to a 24-hour emergency call system to summon help when needed. In addition, WindsorMeade is a gated community with controlled access by visitors, and officers on patrol.
When My Parents Become Residents, What Will I Still Need to Do?
Not much more than share your time with them. Your parents will be as busy as they want to be. WindsorMeade offers a variety of stimulating activities and programs designed to appeal to every interest. With so many choices, the challenge is to decide “Which one am I going to do today?” In addition, WindsorMeade is a full-service, continuing care retirement community with team members that are trained and prepared to meet most any need. Our approach is to provide everything our residents need and more while giving them the freedom to enjoy life the way they want it. From meals to assistance with medication or daily grooming– all residents’ activities of daily living are guided by professionals who love what they do. Life at WindsorMeade for your parent or loved one means peace of mind for you, and quality time and enjoyment spent together.

We’re ready to help you as you discuss future living options for your parent. We have lots of information and access to what may be the best resource of all – people who have already made the decision and are very happy with the outcome. Contact us today at (866) 403-5503 and let us take you on a tour and answer all your questions. We will also be pleased to be your host for a complimentary overnight stay. It will be our pleasure to assist you and your parents at this important time in your lives.

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