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Construction Update – September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017

While we are making a great deal of progress on various aspects of our expansion, we are required by law to obtain a “Certificate of Occupancy” for each new space. These Certificates are issued by officials at James City County and are the last step before spaces become available for use. As of today, here is an update on the status of specific new and/or renovated areas:

Manchester House’s kitchen was inspected this week by James City County officials. The officials issued a temporary Certificate of Occupancy which allows staff to use the space. Residents not permitted to enter until the permanent Certificate is issued, which is scheduled to occur sometime next week.

The Activities Room cannot be used until we receive a Certificate from county officials, which we anticipate receiving today or early next week.

Similarly, we anticipate receiving the Certificate today or early next week for the newly-renovated Health Services Beauty Salon. Until the required Certificate is granted, beauty services will continue to be available in the Beauty Salon on the first floor, where hours have been extended.

The Hadley House social worker and the recreation therapist offices will relocate today or early next week once a Certificate of Occupancy is received for those offices. You can continue to reach Mary at Ext. 3665 and Caroline at Ext. 3663.

Planting is scheduled to begin the first week of October.

Please use Abingdon Neighborhood’s laundry room while Hadley House’s laundry room is unavailable.

Team Member Updates

Eleven team members recently completed the mandatory three-day Household/Neighborhood training. We will be training additional team members October 25 to 27.

Natalie Chamberlain, Manchester Household Leader, has moved to her permanent office and can be reached at 941-3682.

Monthly Expansion Update Meetings

The next monthly expansion meeting is scheduled for October 9 at 9:30 am in the Kensington Room.

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