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Thanks for the Memories

March 17, 2017

Bob Hope always closed his comedy shows with these words. His tradition was to sing words that highlighted the special memories featured in each show. He was wise in recognizing the power of shared memories and laughter in raising people’s spirits.

With the opening of Manchester House later this year, the WindsorMeade community will be adding a new level of support specifically designed for those dealing with the challenges of Alzheimer’s and related dementias. These affect the ability to build and recall memories. The Manchester House will be home to 18 residents and will offer programs and services tailored for each resident. So with Manchester House, its residents and their families will be able to build on Bob Hope’s legacy: “Thanks for the Memories.”

Achieving personal expressions of thanks is the mission that WindsorMeade has for Manchester House, resulting from:

  • Trained and compassionate professional staff will provide a resident-centered support environment. Every aspect of the programs and services will focus completely around the beloved resident and his/her personal preferences, not bound by an imposed schedule. It’s okay to prefer breakfast at 10 am, an early afternoon walk, and a bath before bed.
  • Individualized programming will encourage the residents to pursue their personal interests. The staff will strive to enhance the personal daily pleasures for all residents, such as creative arts, gardening, music, and socializing with other residents, family, and friends.
  • Personalized music programs containing beloved music will help re-awaken the mind. Certified music and memory instructors will ensure residents have access to their favorite music that can tap deep memories, enabling participants to be happier, calmer, and in the present.
  • The Manchester House will provide a welcoming and comfortable setting. Common area furnishings are chosen for comfort, relaxation, and socialization. Residents are free to decorate their private rooms with their own familiar furnishings. The kitchen is the heart of every home. At Manchester House, the kitchen will be an inviting space for residents to gather and families to socialize and dine. The comfortable and secure courtyard will be popular for its beautifully landscaped garden and walking paths
  • Intergenerational programming will provide opportunities for visiting children to interact with residents on a regular basis.
  • Family Support Groups and Educational Services will be offered in collaboration with leading memory support experts and the on-site social worker. Families can access up-to-date information about dementia, diagnosis, treatment and available services to at-risk seniors, families, and healthcare professionals.
  • Uniquely, all the Retirement Counselors, who introduce the public to all that Manchester House offers, are required to earn advanced status as Certified Dementia Practitioner.
  • Manchester House will benefit from using the same high quality policies and practices that have earned WindsorMeade’s nursing care the coveted 5-Star Rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

With all the benefits offered by Manchester House, you should expect that it will quickly become a leading recipient of “Thanks for the Memories” experienced by its memory care residents and expressed by their families.

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