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Construction Update – May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

The temporary covered walkway will be demolished when the main entrance to Health Services opens next month. We anticipate increased noise when the demolition work occurs. The anticipated hot and cold water outage for all of Windsor Hall has been delayed. We are waiting for delivery of components for the Fire Pump House; a new date has not yet been established. The main entrance into Health Services area will reopen in mid-June. Until the entrance reopens, there will be limited parking intermittently in the Health Services visitor parking lot. The new Reception Area will open in mid-June. All of our emergency systems will move to that area on the same date. Hadley House’s Gathering Room will remain open until early June. The Health Services Beauty Salon is closed for renovations and is scheduled to re-open in early July. Beauty services will continue to be available in the Beauty Salon on the first floor, where hours have been extended. The new kitchen and dining room for Hadley House will open in mid-June. This will include the front door of the house and the return of the use of the covered entrance. The work in the Health Services Activity Room will accelerate when the current dining room is taken out of service. There will be a couple of days of increased noise in early June. Activities currently are being held in other locations; please refer to the May and June Activities Calendars for specific information regarding alternative locations. Please use the Abingdon House laundry room while Hadley House laundry room is unavailable.Team Member UpdatesThe Training Curriculum Action team will be finalizing all household orientation curriculum by June 1. The next step will be for all household team members (both clinical and non-clinical) working in Abingdon and Manchester Houses to complete curriculum by July 1.

Monthly Expansion Update Meetings

The next monthly expansion meeting is scheduled for June 12 at 9:30 a.m. in the Kensington Room.

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